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We strive to provide our clients with low-cost tax prep fees, opportunities to invest in life insurance policies for their families, as well as invest in IRS and securities in order to help build generational wealth.  One stop Tax will also offer our clients the chance to increase their personal credit score and the knowledge to build business credit.

All 3 Bureau Transaction and Inquiry Dispute

Equifax Only Transaction & Inquiry Dispute

Experian Only Transaction & Inquiry Dispute

TransUnion Only Transaction & Inquiry Dispute

Amended Tax Return

Building Business Credit 101 Course

The Benefits of filling with One Stop Tax Service

✔️ Fast, Professional & Reliable Service

✔️ $6000 Cash Advance Available The Same Day

✔️ You’re entered in a $500 prize drawing that will be announced at the end of the Tax Season

✔️ $25 Per Client Referral